If you wish to be picked up let us know!

Join a camper convoy

Join a camper Convoy that is going to Tiny House eco-village Forest farm co-op, which is being pioneered in Missouri Ozarks. We are orchestrating a camper convoy to pick volunteers up to get them to Wanderers End Sanctuary. Electric and water are available!

FREE camping for Wanderers ( FREE 30 Days max) Learn as you volunteer up to 3 hours daily for Trade Pioneers & Community Services $5 a day REWILDING FOREST BATHING ( NO Vehicle/Camper/RV -weekends free after 1st full week) $15 a day Tent (weekends free after full week) $20 a day Vehicle/Camper/RV (weekends free after full week)


Become a Pioneer by choosing a trade. The concept for the Wanderers End ecovillage is that of a collective of Eco-smallholdings working together to create and sustain a culture of land-based self-reliance. The project supports a permaculture approach to land management – in which human beings are considered an intrinsic part of the ecosystem. As a result the approach to environmental management is one of stewardship for future generations rather than exploitation for short term gain.